When To Change Your Cordless Phone Battery?

The cordless phones are said to be the first version of the phones that provides mobility. When they were introduced, they work the same as mobile, but to an extremely limited range. You can put the phone set in your home and listen to the call while roaming in your home. But it does not allow any text messages and cannot work in the long-range. But the cordless phone provides convenience. Even people still prefer to have a cordless phone in your home because still many people use a landline in their office and homes. But mobile has changed people’s habit, they do not want to use their phone while sitting near to it. Many times, people can do their work while talking on the phone with the help of a cordless phone. In some cases, it becomes especially important for any household. Like if you are a housewife with kids, so you cannot stick to the phone while talking, rather you have to reduce your talk time, or you need cordless. Because if you will be stuck to phone, then you might not able to keep eye on your kids. This is the reason that you will find cordless phone nearly in every household. The cordless phone has made wired phone obsolete. But same as mobile, the cordless phone also works on battery. If the cordless phone batteries is not charged properly, then you will not be able to talk on the cordless phone for longer.

The difference between mobile and the cordless phone is that cordless phone needs a longer time to charge, there is a difference in technology in both. The backup time of the cordless battery is not as long mobile phones and due to continuous charging, they also lose its life. Certain signs will give you a warning that you need to replace your battery.

Low Voice Quality

The first sign that your cordless phone battery is dying, is that the quality of voice will be reduced. Even with full charging, the voice will not be clear, and it will be distorted. This becomes very annoying for the person using the cordless phone because you will be unable to hear properly and even the person on the other side, may not be able to hear you properly.

Decrease in Range

Usually, the cordless phone comes with antenna, the antenna is on the receiver and phone set. This antenna helps to transmit signals from set to receiver but as the battery loses its life, you have to stand near the set to hear the voice. Because the weak battery will unable to transmit the signal properly.

Less backup

Usually the cordless back up is not as long mobile phone and it also has limited functionality. But with time, it becomes problematic when due to reducing backup, your call will be dropped while talking. With battery aging, its battery backup reduces and with time, you will get zero back up. Before reaching that stage, it is better to go for battery replacement.